These new rolls are the BOMB!

My wife and I just started going there and I’ll tell you, these New Rolls are the BOMB, we started with the “Super White Tuna Roll” that Nico recommended! for one he is a great Chef; he gave us ideas on what we wanted on the roll and made it especially for us…then ┬áhe gave me nigiri rolls that were off the hook (fresh) UNI rolls, Albacore, Super White Tuna, Red Snapper and I missed a couple of names but OH My! Very fresh. Roberto and Mayra greeted us and made us feel very nice, in the mix if all this Roberto brought a few different style drinks (very Delicious) for us to try so they can incorporate in their new menu. Very outgoing people; we had a Blast…

We promised Esteban that we will be back to try some of his Sushi rolls that he makes…I give it a 10 score… they are making changes to this place. This is the 4th time we’ve been there in a month. We are definitely coming back!

J.F.M. - Las Vegas, NV.