Are you looking for a sushi restaurant in Las Vegas? Come by Sushi Wabi, and experience this wonderful Japanese cuisine. For those of you who are new to the world of sushi, you are in for a treat! We go over just what sushi is here.


Sushi is a Japanese meal, prepared using a combination of vinegared rice and seafood (often uncooked), vegetables, or tropical fruits. While there are many different styles of sushi, they all use sushi rice, known as shari or sumeshi. Not to be confused with sashimi, another Japanese style of cooking that uses raw fish, there are many different styles of sushi. We’ll list them here.


Known as “scattered sushi”, this type of sushi is served in a bowl of rice topped with raw fish as well as vegetable garnishes. Easy to make and filling, this type of sushi is eaten every year in Hinamatsuri in March.


Inarizushi is sushi presented in a pouch of fried tofu that is filled with just sushi rice. Some variations use an omelette for the pouch. The tales go that inarizushi is named after Inari, a Shinto god. Inari’s messengers were foxes, who were believed to have a great liking for fried tofu. Between that and the visual similarity between Inari-zushi rolls and fox ears, you can see where this popular dish got its name.


Known as “rolled sushi”, Makizushi is often wrapped in seaweed (“nori”) in rolls. Common types of makizushi include futomaki, hosomaki, ehomaki, and temaki.


Known as “matured sushi”, narezushi is a form of fermented sushi. Skinned/gutted fish are salted, stored, salted again, then pickled.


Known as “hand pressed sushi”, Nigirizushi is presented as a hand pressed, oblong ball. Usually topped with some wasabi, this sushi mainly utilizes seafood like octopus, eel, and squid.


Known as “pressed sushi” or “boxed sushi”, oshizushi is made specifically in the Kansai region of Japan, and is a favorite in Osaka. Using a wooden mold, a block shaped piece of sushi is created and cut up for presentation. Raw fish is never used in this type of sushi, with all meat being cooked or cured.


Hopefully you feel a little more comfortable about sushi now. But you will never know if you love it until you try it! Don’t try it just anywhere; check out our Las Vegas sushi restaurant today! We look forward to seeing you!